Who Make Profit From Indian Stock Market?

Who makes profit from the stock market in India?

Whatever business everyone expects the profit. That too in the stock market the expectation will be more. There is a common speech that who makes profit in the stock market. This is because most of the traders net loss in trading. Why this is happening, Because, there are lots of things to be learnt in trading.  Irrespective of that, the traders believe in the recommends of some tips provider and trade without studying the market and fell in the loss. These traders will speak that no one can make a profit in the stock market. The truth on the market is if there are a large number of unwise traders then only the bright traders can win easily.

Who make money from the stock market in India?stock-market-today_apple

In Indian stock market the count of traders is more than investors. Due to the financial situation as of now there are less number of investors. There are more traders who trade with the modest amount. There are millions of demat accounts that do not have any share. There are very few numbers of investors makes a profit. Due to proper guidance and proper observances’ some small investors make a marginal profit. The massive investors are making more profits. That too some operators and FII’s are gaining nearly 80% of the profit. Small investors should not forget to invest on a long term basis. They should concentrate on mid cap, large cap and ETF. After the correction in 2008 the investment of FII’s is gaining more. Our expectation in 2025 is NIFTY will be around 12000 to 14000 and Sensex will be 40000 to 50000. This is hard to believe but we will let you know the fact in following chapter.

Who makes losses in stock market  in India?

Before entering into the stock market small investors and traders need to listen many things. Inspite of many things the trainers who know something will take half of the investment money in the name of training. The traders and investors will get confused with whom they can learn the market. Referring some books, software’s and indicators many traders struggle in the market without knowing much about the market. Those books, software’s and indicators can support or guide only 10 to 30%. Then how can we learn the remaining percentage about the market. This is what we are concentrating and training in our class.

Stock market success trading statement Proof in India

There is a massive number of traders in India, but there are only very few numbers of successful traders.  There is a common saying that small investors and intraday traders will be unsuccessful in the market. In today’s world do the financial advisors and tips provider show their trading statements. The answer will be no. But we can show our 5 year trading statement. Not only us but whoever show their success.

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