Disclosed Quantity Statics

About Disclosed Quantity Order’s

What is the Disclosed Quantity Order?

To buy or sell a particular stock in a huge amount we can hide 90% of that stock and show the remaining 10% in the market department. This is known as disclosed quantity.

Explains of Disclosed Quantity Order?

Suppose an FII or DII or a big investor who holds 10,000 Maruti stocks try to sell at a price of 1700. If an order is placed for 10,000 quantities at the same time it will be known in market department. So other traders will not buy Maruti stocks as there is a huge volume of order for selling. Even if the index goes up the price of Maruti stock will not rise. So now using disclosed quantity order he might place the order at 1700 but the quantity will be shown as 1000 and other traders in the market will try to buy these shares slowly all the 10,000 shares will be sold. Till then the price will be shown as 1700 and quantity as 1000. Even we can place disclosed quantity order for buying.

disclosed quantity

Disclosed Quantity Order Technical’s and Benefits:

In your market watch you might have some preferred stocks and try to watch if there is any buying or selling disclosed quantity order. To watch for all stocks will be a difficult one. It can known by comparing the nifty chart with the stock chart. There is a chance of 70 – 80% of success.

Who Placed Disclosed Quantity Order?

In the stock market, big investors will try to trade either to buy or sell the equity in huge volume through the disclosed quantity. Normally they buy the equities when the market is down and sell when the market is going strong. If a particular stock is trading in a huge volume and the price of that stock remains constant, then it may be a delivery based buying or a delivery based selling.

How to find disclosed Quantity Order?

For example, if the nifty future is trading at 6000 and the price of reliance stock is 850 then the nifty future is slowly increasing to 6030 and now if the price of the reliance stock still remains at 850 then there is selling using disclosed quantity. In nifty future 30 points have been increased, but the reliance stock remains at 850 then strongly you can go for short and you can place the stop loss at 855 and book profit order at 845 or below that. If there is a disclosed quantity order in reliance then there is chance reliance may come down immediately if the nifty future comes down from 6030 to 6015. There is a chance of buying through disclosed quantity order if the reliance remains at 850 even if the nifty future trades 30 points below from 6000.  If the nifty future trades at 5970 there is a chance for reliance to go up 10 or 15 points.

Disclosed Quantity Buying Example:

Nifty Future 6000 – Reliance 850

Nifty Future 5990 – Reliance 850

Nifty Future 5980 – Reliance 850

Expectation Summary: Index Down, Reliance Neutral so, “Buy Reliance”.

Disclosed Quantity Selling Example:

Nifty Future 6000 – Reliance 850

Nifty Future 6010 – Reliance 850

Nifty Future 6020 – Reliance 850

Expectation Summary: Index Up Reliance Neutral so, “Sell Reliance”.

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