How will affect Black Money to Indian Stock Market

In their election Manifesto Modi’s party declared they will return the black money hidden in foreign Countries and once they form the government they took some steps in bringing back the black money and recently released few names. This issue makes the public to raise their voice to release all the names In which Supreme Court of India has got all the names and details of the black money holders. Now Inquiry is going on and we do not know how for the issue will raise up and also we are not sure when the inquiry will end and the list of all the black money holders will be released in public.blackfist

Incase, if Supreme Court releases the details of black money holders then we are not sure what effect it Will create in India. The information has been spread out that more than 200 accounts that are under Scanner for black money does not have any money. The supreme court of India has ordered the Government to include this too in that probe. But there is a difference in the memorandum between India And Swiss. So we are not sure when this issue will come to an end.

When the whole black money issue has been released surely it will not affect the Indian economy. Instead, it will benefit to India and its economy. Whether the government of India levies tax on the back Money holders or punish them by extra taxing everything will come to the Indian government’s treasury. Apart From politicians if any, businessmen involved in this issue, then it should be considered as the money Earned by decorating their investors and the government should protect the investors.

By doing this, the black money of the businessmen can be used for the dividend of the investor’s and Future development of that particular company. Anyway the black money that is drawn back will help the economic growth of India. Like the black money issue, the coal scam is frightening everyone in India. The coal scam has made heavy revenue loss for the government. The probe is now going on and the Investors should not invest in the companies that were expected to be involved in the coal scam. Because during the probe if the expected company proves that it has involved in this scam then surely the stock price of that company will drop down like anything and the investors might suffer a huge loss.

As of now and hereafter in 2015 the price of the stock will rise on sector wise. Some stocks will be drawn to their lowest rate ever. So the investors should invest based on the index and ETF. There is chance that Nifty will raise 200 points up and then it may come 1000 points below. So the investors should be careful enough in investing. This is the beginning and not the end. Stay connected with us in Facebook (Futures options Tamilnadu). There is a chance that there will be some slight changes might Occur in our predictions.

Updated: March 31, 2015 — 11:54 am
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