Lesson 3

Fully Paid Shares:

A company that will make the purchase of shares with full payment, then it is called as Fully Paid Shares. The share price will not be fully paid, then it is called Part Paid Shares.

What is IPO?

One of the first publication of its shares to Investors is called an IPO (Initial Public Offer)

Definition ”Floating Stock”

After the IPO market share investors easy-to-buy shares is called as Floating Stock. Generally, investors are easy to buying only the floating stock. If large quantities of this type of stocks, prices have fluctuated greatly.

What Is the “Split Adjusted”?

After partitioning the share, the price of a share of stock  compared with its previous price change according to that is called Split Adjusted formation. For example, assume that a share price of 100 rupees. Then 2 times the ratio of 2:1 Stock Split then  shares of a stock is 4.

Definition “Unlimited Risk”

This represents a higher risk investment. This comes under the category of short selling and trading in futures contracts. The entire amount of the investment will be at risk. There is no guarantee of income.

Definition “Unrealized Gain”

If the current price is higher than the purchase price of the share capital will be available through the profit is called as Unrealized Gain. At the same time, the share will be sold then the profits is change in money, we’ve got a real Benefit.  The investments are not selling, but we can get profit from the investment is regarded as Unrealized Gain. Be subject to capital gains tax on the profits of money only.

Definition “Unrealized Loss”

Investment in certain types of company stock, including the loss on that investment denoting Unrealized Loss. For example, the price of a stock at a price of 100  with 100 shares were bought, when it comes to the price of 90 rupees to 1,000 rupees is loss, these liabilities is called as Unrealized Loss.

What is “Unauthorized Investment”?

Investment are not subject to the law is called as unauthorized investment. These investments are not subject to the law adopted by banks or the company’s. Through these investments, there is no guarantee that their expected income. Unauthorized who said their investment in the Trust.

What are “Uncollected Funds”?

Checks payable to banks, it will be sent to the financial transactions Centre for clearing purposes. In the meantime, they called this money as Uncollected Fund. After the money credited to the bank account of the person, they can access the money.



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