“Loan And property Guide”

What is Foreclosure?

Bank borrowers, loan amount and interest on the loan by mortgaging property is not paid, the sale of the


mortgage is kept on confiscation of property is referred to as Mortgage Foreclosure Agreement referred to. In som

e cases the bank ‘s creditors prior to this time before implementing Foreclosure system. Confiscation of their debt and the mortgaged property to the debtor can prevent within this time period.

Foreclosure Action

Based on mortgage agreement, People will not return their  borrowed loan amount denoting the auction of assets is the Mortgage Foreclosure Action. Related to the information reported by the debtor prior to the action taken.

What is Future Advance?

After completing a number of mortgage debt and term debt representing Future Advance. It is also called as Home equity loan. The debt continued possession of the property of the existing mortgage.

Explains of “Front-end Ratio”:

The percentage of the individual’s income can afford mortgage loan, then the percentage is Front-end Ratio. Monthly gross salary divided by the cost spent on the availability of home loans is Front-end Ratio. Based on this Calculation of percentage, bank gives home loan. The cost of a home loan includes principal, interest, house taxes and insurance.
Front-end Ratio = Monthly Housing Loan Cost / month income.

Definition of “Unrecorded Deed”

Ownership of immovable property from one person to another person caused when the change occurs is Deed document. After all the real estate assets and the assets otherwise transferring the license to register with the safety certificate. If it is not registered with legal documents, then it is called as Unrecorded Deed.

Explains of “Reserve Mortgage”

This is the exact opposite of the typical home loan. With the support of senior citizens by mortgaging their house, they get the monthly fixed amount, or  the years of the loan from  the bank or housing agency. At the same time, the total amount is also to receive. The husband / wife is living until their death in the mortgaging home. After their death, the amount of the loan, with interest calculated on the amount of credit given to the bank sold the house and taking money. The remaining amount will be given to the heir, successor prefers debt, interest payments may redeem the house building. There is no income tax on this amount.

What is a Credit Score?

The right position in the case of a loan to help you get better credit. , The credit rating agency is registered with the continuation of your credit status. It provides you a credit score. That score is given to more banks. The credit score is used as a scale to decide whether the bank give you credit or not and also determine how much interest you want to pay for the bank. If you have previously paid back the loans, the highest score will be given. It is aid to get credit as soon as possible and also reducing the interest rate on the loan.



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