Stock Market Expectation on 2015

Market Focus on 2015

Stock Market Expectation on 2015

Now nifty is trading at 8400 points. In 2015 budget and RBI credit policy will play an important role. Both the two things will be a boost factor for the market. Black money issue, coal scam and spectrum issue will impact in 2015. But the result of these will be moral boost for the economy. It may turn negative for some companies but as a whole it will be good for economy of India. As far as nifty the target of 9300 will be easy but there may be correction in the middle of it but we can take it as a positive. In three years from now there are bright chances that nifty may reach 11000. It’s better to concentrate on sectors like banks and fertilizers.2015

As we see technically ZEEL (385), HEXAWARE (215), MANAPPURAM (37) and some finance companies stock will give good profit. From 2009 the FII investments in Indian stock market have been rising. Till 2008 the investment of FII in Indian market is 3 lakh crore. Then after 2009 it has increased to 6 lakh crore. Considering this from now on the nifty will soar up to 14000 to 16000 in five to seven years. So there is no need to fear of correction. Even if there is a correction surely the market will rise after that and the traders can invest without any fear. Small investors can concentrate on A group shares and dividend yielding stocks.

Small investors can split the stocks in four different categories. That too your portfolio should mostly comprise of dividend providing stocks. If you are investing in four different stocks you should not investment more money on a single stock. You should investment the same amount on each stock. The number of stock doesn’t count here only the money is considered.

If the investment reaches 10 lakh the future lot size will be equal to equity. Later if the price of the stock increases using arbitration and hedging we can earn easily. We will explain this information in detailed way in later posts.

Do not get panic on seeing the rise of NIFTY and SENSEX. Bravely you can invest in stock market. Split your money into small amounts and invest in stocks whether if the stock price is getting down. In 2020 to 2025 your stock price will be increased four times. Now the companies providing 5 rupees as dividend will provide 15 rupees at that time. In today’s stock market there is no broker who will provide good guidance to the investors. Considering this invest on stocks for long term and earn as much you can. Considering us we earn more money in F&O. But small investors should learn more before investing in F&O. Because F&O changed many traders life it may be either good or bad. So you should be very much careful if you are going to invest in F&O. In our class we will explain all these details in a detailed way and also we are assisting our clients in trading.



Updated: March 31, 2015 — 11:53 am
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