Stock Market Technical’s

Stock Market Trading Technical’s

Short Sale

Equity Market in crude stocks in anticipation that the price will fall, selling shares to the Short Sale. Profit when the stock price is low you can see the short, short sale is a high risk. Short Sale to avoid new to the market is very good.

Stock Analysis technical-analysis-or-fundemental

Companies on the stock market in the course of the opinion of experts are Known as Stock Analysis. Predicted that in the future will be how to share the cost of the claim. The Fundamental analysis and technical analysis are two types of Stock Analysis.

Difference Between Fundamental analysis and Technical Analysis

Fundamental analysis of a company’s economic result of the company’s assets, liabilities, profits, the company will be based on factors including the order.

The future price of a stock’s price to determine the last time stock price, this method of calculation is used by investors is called as Technical Analysis. The best way to measure a person familiar with the analysis also no doubt that he is a Top Trader.

Stock Market Crash

The financial crisis and economic downturn, or the unexpected events, natural disasters, political changes, including a number of reasons, saw the biggest fall in the stock market, is called as the Stock Market Crash. U.S. stock markets fell in the years 1929 & 1987, the Indian stock market fell in 2008 all are based on Stock Market Crash reasons. It may happen one day or year may happen an account. As such situation, many investors are missing. I Say more about this in another article in detail.

Technically Strong Market

The open interest of the market and the Index or the price of a stock will be increased or or both  will be decrease is called as Technically Strong Market.

Technically Weak Market

Increasing the share of the open interest, the share price will be decreased or if the decrease in open interest, then shares price is increase is called as Technically Weak Market. Reduction in the market price of a stock with high volume or low volume with the increase in the stock price known as Technically Weak Market.

Technical Rally

The Trading price of the share price dropped dramatically increase the onset of the Technical Rally. Without the impact of the rise in the share price of the underlying factors Technical Rally. In general, touching on some key support levels such as the Technical Rally.

Technical Correction

The share price of the stock market got more coming down from the stage and claim  is called as Technical Correction. Investors buying shares on the revaluation basis &  it occurs of the Technical Correction.

Trading Channel

Its share price support and resistance level is positioned between trading is called as Trading Channel. The traders purchase the share if it goes below the Trading Channel. Among traders to sell the stock when it comes to top above Trading Channel.

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