Ranbaxy merger with Sunpharma

    RANBAXY ALL CONTRACTS EXPIRY DATE ON 01/04/2015 WEDNESDAY Due to merger of RANBAXY with SUNPHARMA, All future and options (30/04/2015 and 28/05/2015) of RANBAXY will expire on 01/04/2015 wednesday. Don’t buy RANBAXY options with high premium. RANBAXY will exit from FNO just two days.

Daily Market Watch

End of the reports of the day 09/04/2014 and market expectation tomorrow Nifty future today low at 6748.05 and high at 6847 finally closed at 6843. The market recovers end of the day session. Because of Nifty future long build up happening and call options short covering and put options short build up seen. We […]

Insurance – II

Type’s of Insurance About “Term Insurance” In term insurance policy only if the policyholder dies, the amount of compensation available. Otherwise, there is no benefit at maturity time. But Endowment, Ulip policy of tying to get the money back at maturity. The Term policy is not essential for individual income. About “Reversionary Annuities”  A Conventional […]

Insurance – I

Insurance Guide 1   What is “Subrogation”? In Insurance Company the law & rights, is referred as Subrogation. For example,  The car has Insured. If the accident occurred, the driver of the car accident did not cause the failure, it by the other driver’s negligence, then the Insurance Company Claim provided to victims, the offender […]

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