Find Delivery Based Selling Stocks

How to find worst performing stocks:

In trading sometimes the shares bought may go down and create loss to the traders. For this reason the trader should know how to correctly use the stop loss.  The traders should know if there is a way to identify good shares then there will be a way to find the bad shares. In that delivery based selling is the very important one.

Delivery based selling: 

In trading the stocks which have high holding when comes to selling and if it closes below the previous day’s close then it is called delivery based selling. Delivery based selling means the delivery volume should be greater than the three previous months. If some stocks are showing like that then the traders can easily leave over those stocks.  If a stock is under delivery based selling, then those stock prices will surely go down further.  How much delivery volume gets increased that much price the stock will go down? The information’s can be known from nseindia site.

Considering the delivery based volume of lupin share surely the stock will go down from that the price as of now.


Updated: April 18, 2015 — 12:59 pm
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