How to identify best equity share for the future

How to identify best equity share for the future

There are many ways to identify the good shares and here we are saying one of the best methods to identify the good shares. As equity shares are considered the volume and closing price are very important. A share’s volume is higher (considering the three month volume) and closes above the previous closing price then the share has the chance of going up in coming days.

How to find Delivery based volume and delivery based Buyingdeliverybased

Volume is the day to day trade’s count. Delivery based volume will be the count that a trader sells the holding shares.  If the delivery volume increases then the share is getting ready to go up or drop down during the coming days.  If the delivery volume of a share increase and closes above the previous close then it is called delivery based buying.

How to select best equity stocks

While trying to buy more shares and if the price is above the previous day then the price of the stock will go up. This is shown by delivery based volume. The next day when buying the share, keeps the last three days lowest prices as the stop loss and then buy those shares. Try to buy the delivery based buying shares. It will give you more profit with minimum loss. Every day after trade gets over the traders will be able to know the delivery based buying information’s through EOD in nseindia website.

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