For clients who is possessing Trading account with us will be charged only Rs 5000 per year

FOR 3 MONTHS : RS.18,000.00
FOR 6 MONTHS : RS.30,000.00
FOR 12 MONTHS : RS.45,000.00

Nifty future and option, Stock future and option, commodities all are in one package!!!.

  1. You have to trade only the recommends given by us in your account.
  2. You have to trade with the lot size given by us and you should not increase or decrease the lot size.
  3. Do not change the target or stop loss recommended by us.
  4. Always try to trade in online.
  5. We will not be providing more tips, so do not think you can trade by yourself and get into trouble.
  6. For each expiry (Last Thursday of the month) you should be in online. Because there are chances a huge jackpot.
  7. We will be providing recommends to the client on a first come first basis and we will not be providing recommends too
  8. More (Due to some reasons).
  9. Keep your trading commission at a cost of (for option buy and sell Rs 0.20 and future 0.01%).
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