Mutual Funds

Mutual Funds – 3

                  Mutual Funds and Options Insurance Definition of “Redemption” The mutual fund investors when they need money, only selling weed  & receiving money is called as unit redemption. The investor return back the money within the seven days & it will come to the bank account. What […]

Mutual Funds – I

What is Safe Asset? Secured asset calls as a safe asset. Stocks, Mutual funds, bonds, bank accounts and residential house are considered as the safest assets. In these types of investment risk will be minimized. Secured asset will have low risk as per law. What is Switching? In mutual fund investment transferring from one fund […]

Mutual Funds – II

                                       Mutual Funds Tax Efficiency? To reduce the tax investing your money in different investment schemes is called Tax Efficiency. Investing in mutual funds that depends on the stock market and fixed deposit can reduce your income […]

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