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Trading and Trending

 Trading Planing and Trending What is Over Trading? In order to get more commission from investors, the brokers will attempt to transact more buy and sell or sell and buy which is called over trading. Brokers will try to attempt over trading when index or stock is over volatile. In order to minimize over trading […]

Lesson 3

Fully Paid Shares: A company that will make the purchase of shares with full payment, then it is called as Fully Paid Shares. The share price will not be fully paid, then it is called Part Paid Shares. What is IPO? One of the first publication of its shares to Investors is called an IPO […]

Trading Lesson-2

What are “Small Cap” Stocks? The stocks with lower market capitalization we call it as “Small Cap”. Commonly the stocks with the market capitalization of Around 250 crores will come under small cap. We can select and buy these small cap stocks because there are chances of Profit with these stocks. The Meaning of “Top Holdings” With […]

Trading Lesson 1

“Outside Days” Definition: This word will be used frequently both by technical analyst and day traders in the stock market. If an index or a stock chart, the bar is more or less of the previous day trade than the day is Called outside day. It is also used in candlestick chart. Commonly it refers […]

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