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First know the basic of Future and options so called Derivatives and then trade. There are guides on how to trade on the options. The Future and options will be operated by strong traders and will be difficult for the common investors to trade. Do not trade by learning a few things about the market.

Traders always dream about option than a future that leads to their major setback. There are many things to learn in options. After learning that you might be able to know how much unaware you are before about the options.

A genuine broker first teaches his client about the market risk. But here it’s not performing like that. Some brokers might not have in depth knowledge in F&O and those brokers will make their clients trade in F&O for commission purpose without even teaching what is meant by equity. Similarly, do not find fault on brokers always because before investing you have to make a decision.

Software & Indicators

Be aware of Whatever might be the software or indicator it cannot predict the market’s volatility. Some might say 90% accurate and some 95% accurate, if correct, then why are they selling to another. Those are just a support for your trade and do not think they might give correct prediction. For something that has to be ended with Rs.500 or┬áRs.1000 what is the use of spending Rs.50000 or Rs.100000 for that. If you are doing this, that is a big mistake you are doing while trading. With the investment of just Rs.1,00,000 we can change the lifestyle of a trader.


Even in the market you are not sure about how much traders available, but surely there will be a huge number of tips providers. In this you might not know who will be providing the correct tips and keep on investing with the tips provided with one by one and finally leading to worst loss. This is not to mean you should not follow the tips provided by them, but you have to know what they have achieved and then follow. Get their client’s trading statement from 2 to 3 years before and if their investment have not been diminished or decreased surely you can follow them.

Some might publish their past performance record on the website, don’t believe on the website just ask them to show client’s trading statement. After knowing who had won and who is winning just run behind to catch them. Get their client’s trading statement.

Updated: March 31, 2015 — 12:27 pm
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