Variety of Binary Options

Top Forex Binary Option instruments:

The binary option gets traded more in pairs like eur/usd, usd/jpy, gbp/usd, usd/chf, aud/usd and eur/jpy. In Commodity gold, silver and crude oil gets traded more. In index the instruments like Dow Jones, Nasdaq, Ftse, Dax, cac40 and in stock Google, apple, JPMorgan, Chase, Barclays, Sony, and Coca Cola gets traded in binary option. Index, currencies, commodities and stocks may differ from binary option broker to broker. Some brokers might have only a few instruments.

Top binary Option brokers allowed US traders?nifty 25

There are few binary option brokers who allow US traders to trade in binary option. All the binary option brokers are not allowing the US traders for trading. There are few brokers like, Empire Option, Optimarkets, Eztrader, Global option who allows US traders in binary option.

Binary Option in India

Many people in India want to trade in Binary options. On Top option trading platform the minimum deposit has been fixed as 100$ by for trading the bse sensex index, tatasteel, tatamotors and sbi. The has the flexibility of trading binary option in bitcoin. Topoption does not accept to trade from US and Canada.

Binary Option trading training in India

We are providing training on how to trade in binary options. If the traders read our posts, then they can easily gather knowledge about the binary options. Binary option is like gambling. But the traders should feel as trading and should trade in binary options. In binary options before placing an order the trader know about their losses and so they can trade patiently and can make a profit.

What is Binary Call Option?

Assume the price of eur/usd is 1.3500 and the traders are buying the call option. During the expiry time if the price of the eur/usd is above 1.3500 then its profit and if the price is below 1.3499 then it’s a loss. Assuming the shoot up in price of the stocks or indices and trading is the call option. After buying an underlying call option and if the financial instrument prices get traded more than the price when it is bought is called as in the money option.

What is Binary Put Option?

The put option is a direct opposite to call option. If a trader assumes the price of particular indices, stocks or commodities will go down, then they can buy the put option. After buying a put option and if the price of the stocks or indices is below the price when it is bought at expiry time then it is a profit. If the price is above the buying price, then it is a loss for the trader.

What are Inside Binary Options?

If a trader assumes that a particular underlying stock will get traded between two prices, then trading with that is called as inside option. After buying the inside option if the price exists between the two prices, which is decided before, during the expiry time, then the trade is profit for the traders and if the price is above or below then it is a loss for the trader.

What are Outside Binary Options?

The outside binary option is directly opposite to inside binary option. If the price is above or below the fixed two prices, then it is a profit for the trader and if it exists, between the prices then it is a loss for the trader. This is called as out of the money option.

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