How brokers cheat traders

How brokers cheat traders? In today’s world the brokers will do whatever to increase their revenue. We are not saying wrong about that, but they should consider the investors who rely on them and they are not guiding the investors in a correct way. The brokers are not trying to make understand the investors about […]

Top Trading Mindset

Top Trading Mindset Even if traders are aware of a lot of technical stuff about the market only their mindset will determine the success. Every trader will trade in the market with the knowledge they have acquired about the market. The mindset will vary from trader to trader. But to succeed in the market, each […]

Ranbaxy merger with Sunpharma

    RANBAXY ALL CONTRACTS EXPIRY DATE ON 01/04/2015 WEDNESDAY Due to merger of RANBAXY with SUNPHARMA, All future and options (30/04/2015 and 28/05/2015) of RANBAXY will expire on 01/04/2015 wednesday. Don’t buy RANBAXY options with high premium. RANBAXY will exit from FNO just two days.

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